You can duplicate placement records on Navigate. This is useful in cases where you have more than one student attending placement with the same employer on the same days as you will no longer have to create the placement record from scratch. 

To duplicate a placement record, follow the instructions below. 

1. Once logged in, click into the 'Placements' module. 

2. In the search bar on the top right of the page, search for the placement you want to duplicate. You can do this by typing in the student name or the employer organisation name.

3. Select the placement you want to duplicate from the drop-down. This will open up the placement record.


4. On the top right of the placement record, click on the button 'Duplicate'. 

5. This will bring up a pop-up box where you must type in the name of the student you want to duplicate this placement for.

6. Click 'Yes'. 

7. This will create a new placement record for the student selected in step 5. The placement details including the employer details, dates, objectives, and description will be auto-filled.