1. Once you've logged in, click into the 'Students' module.
2. Click 'See All'. This will take you into the student module grid view

3. Use the filters to select the correct group of students. Once selected, the students will appear in the grid below.

4. Click the 'tick-box' in the top left-hand corner of the grid. This will highlight all students that are displayed in the grid. If you don't want to add an activity against any of the selected learners, simply deselect them.

5. Click on the 'Actions' and select 'Add Activity' from the drop-down menu.

6. This will display a pop-up box. You can now complete the 'Add Activity' pop-up box with the following information:

  • Activity Name: This is a short description of the activity.

  • Skills Developed: This dropdown menu lists a number of skills. You should select the skills that students developed as a result of the activity. 

  • Location: Where the activity took place.

  • Date of activity: The date that the activity took place.

  • Journal: Use this box to provide further details about what happened during the activity.

  • Employer activity?: You must select if the activity involved direct contact with an employer. 

  • Activity type: This dropdown menu lists a number of activity types. You should select the type that best matches your activity. 

  • Town/ City: Which town or city the activity took place in. 

  • How many hours: The number of hours the students attended the activity. 

  • Evidence: You can upload photo's, documents or other supporting evidence for the activity. 

7. When you have entered the activity details click 'Save':

8. The activity will then be added against all selected students. They can view and edit the activity from their timeline. 

If you require further support please click 'New Support Ticket' to get in touch with us.