The 'My Placements' Module will allow you to complete important tasks associated with your placement, including:

  • completing placement checklists
  • adding journal entries
  • providing feedback to your college about your placement
  • and receiving feedback from your employers.

1. Once you've logged in, you will see your 'My Placements' module on the homepage dashboard. To view your placements, either click on 'See All' or 'Placements'. 

2. You will now be able to see all your placements. 

3. On Navigate, all placements go through a series of stages that ensure you understand where you are in the placement process and what tasks you need to complete in the correct order.

4. You can see the placement stage on the top right of the panel. 

  • Searching stage: you are required to add details of a placement that you've found and submit it to a member of staff for review. Once submitted, the placement moves into the 'Pending' stage. At this stage, the member of staff and the employer must approve or reject the placement.

  • Approved stage: If both the employer and member of staff approve the placement, it moves into the 'Approved' stage. You must now complete your pre-placement checklists. These support you to effectively prepare for your placement.

  • Active stage: At this stage, the placement has begun. You must now confirm your placement attendance by completely your journal entries. To find out how to do this, click here. 

  • Completed, Awaiting sign off stage: At this stage, the placement has finished. You must now complete your post-placement checklist, and provide feedback about the placement and the support you received from your employer and the college.

To find out more about the placement stages, click here.