Navigate student site placement statuses:

1. Searching: At this stage, you are required to add the details of your placement and submit it to a member of staff for review.

Click on 'Add' to create a placement. You will be asked to fill in the placement details. 

2. Pending: The placement has been submitted to the member of staff and is awaiting their review. You do not need to take any further action at this point.

Once your placement has been approved you will receive an email with the details of your placement. 


3a. Rejected: If the placement you have submitted has been rejected you will see the reason for this in the dashboard. 

  • Rejected by college: the member of staff has rejected your placement.
  • Rejected by employer: the employer has rejected your placement.

3b. Approved: This means the member of staff and the employer have both approved your placement. 


At this stage, you must complete your pre-placement checklist. This checklist will help you to prepare for your placement. 

To complete the checklist, click 'Complete' in the second tab 'Pre Placement Checklist'.

4. Active: Your placement has begun.

At this stage, you must record your placement attendance by completing your placement journal entries. To do this, click on 'Add / Edit' in the third tab 'Confirm attendance and complete Journal'. 

Once you have reached the end of your placement and completed all your journal entries, you can submit the placement to a member of staff by clicking on 'Submit Placement as Complete'.

5. Complete, Awaiting Sign-off: The placement has been submitted as complete and is awaiting sign off by a member of staff.

At this stage, you must fill out your post-placement checklist. To do this, click on 'Complete' in the fourth tab 'Post Placement Checklist'. 

You can also provide feedback about the placement. To do this, click on 'Complete' in the fifth tab 'Your Feedback'. This will bring up an empty feedback form. 

To view any employer feedback click on 'View' in the bottom tab 'Employer Feedback'.

6a. Incomplete: The placement has been marked as incomplete by the staff member. The reason for this will be displayed on the dashboard. 

6b. Complete: The placement has been marked as complete. You can now download your placement certificate.