The Navigate staff site is a powerful tool providing a clear view of all your tasks relating to your learners' placements, employer engagement, and enrichment activities, careers, tutorials, and extra-curricular activities. 

The staff site is split into 5 modules 

1. Students Module: In the student’s module you can view each learners Navigate profile, which includes their skills assessment results, placements, enrichment and employer engagement activities, and targets on a single page. 

  • Find out more about how to add an activity against a group of students:  here.
  • Find out more about the Skills Assessment: here.

2. Placements Module: Here is where you will be creating placements for learners, and monitoring the progress of all the placements you are responsible for. Each placement on Navigate has its own one-page record that includes learner and employer details, placement dates and times, objectives, and learner attendance information, and completed journal entries. 

Any meetings you’ve had with the learner and/or employer and important documents regarding the placement can also be stored in the placement record.  

  • Find out more about how to create a placementhere.
  • Find out more about email communication between employers and Navigate: here.

3. Targets Module: The targets module allows you to add targets against learners, monitor their progress, and sign off completed targets.  


  • Find out more about how to add targets against groups of learners: here. 
  • Find out more about how to sign off completed targetshere 

4. Employers Module: The employers’ module stores important information about the employers you work with, including their address, contact details, and health and safety information. From this module, you can upload important documents about the employer, and easily record any meetings or communications that you’ve had with them. 


  • Find out more about how to add a new employer: here.

5. Reports Module: All information recorded on Navigate by both the student and staff are fed into ready-made reports that can be viewed, filtered, and easily exported away from the platform as downloadable spreadsheets.