1. To view a specific student's assessment results, click into the 'Students' module.


2. In the search bar 'Search for a student' located in the top right-hand corner of the page, type in the first few letters of the student's name and select the correct student from the drop-down menu.


3. This will take you to the student record. This record gives you an overview of everything the student has ever recorded on Navigate, including: 

- their assessment results

- their targets

- the placements they have participated 

- their placement journal entries 

- the activities they have recorded on their timeline. 


4. Under 'Student details' you will see a list of all of their completed skills assessments. 

5. Click on 'View Results'. This will bring up their assessment results. 

6. The assessment results are split into 3 key themes: 

  • The first theme is My Well-being. These skills reflect the student's emotional, physical, and financial health. 

     Being Independent 

    -  Confidence

    -  Financial Skills 

    -  Managing Stress

    -  Physical Health

    -  Resilience

    4. The second theme is My Relationships. These are skills needed for students to be able to successfully form productive relationships and work well in a team. 

    -  Building Relationships

    -  Collaboration 

    -  Communication 

    -  Community and Social Action 

    -  Leadership

    -  Online Relationships

    5. The third theme is My Future. These are skills students need to move out into the workplace and be successful in their careers. 

    -  Career Skills 

    -  Creativity 

    -  Critical Thinking

    -  Customer Service 

    -  Digital Skills 

    -  Enterprising

    -  Time-management

 7. The results are displayed as red, amber, or green. 

  • Red: Opportunity to improve
  • Amber: Good level 
  • Green: On target

8. These results will help you to identify the student's weaker skills so that you can set meaningful targets for him/her. 

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