Navigate allows you to create a placement and submit it to a member of staff to review.

1. Once you’ve logged in, look at your ‘Placements’ panel on your homepage 

2. You will see that you have been requested to add details of your placement. Click on ‘Add’  

3. This will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to submit your placement details.

4. Select whether your placement is taking place: 

  • On the employer's premises
  • Virtually
  • A combination of virtual and the employer's premises. 

5. Fill out the placement dress code and describe what you will be doing during the placement. 

  • You can also use this box to let your work placement coordinator know any additional information that you think will be useful to them. Once completed click proceed 

6. Fill out the employer details. Type in the first few letters of the employer organization in the search box. Once completed, click proceed.  

  • If the employer does not appear as an option for you to select, click on 'Can't find employer'. This will open a new page where you can fill out the employer details yourself.

7. Fill out the employer contact details. Select from the drop-down list, your employer placement managerOnce completed, click proceed.  

  • If they are not listed, click on ‘My Contact is not listed’. This will open a new page where you can add the employer contact details yourself.  

8. Fill in your placement date and times. You can select one of the three options 

  • The first option should be used if your placement will be on regular days of the week, and everyday has the same start and end time.  
  • The second option should be used if your placement will be on irregular days of the week, have different start and end times, or you do not know all your dates yet.  
  • The third option should be used if you don’t have any dates yet.  

9. Depending on the option selected, you will be directed to the relevant form where you can fill in your placement dates and times. Once completed, click proceed.  

10. You will now see an overview of the details you have provided about the placement. 

11. If you need to edit any of these details, click on ‘back’ If you are happy to submit this placement to your work experience coordinator to sign off, click ‘Proceed’

12. They will then be notified that you have submitted a placement and will be in touch with you once it has been reviewed.