Your Skills Focus list is a list of skills that you have chosen to focus on developing throughout the academic year. You can view your skills focus list from your My Skills module. 

To add or remove skills from this list, follow the instructions below: 

1. Click into 'My Profile' 

2. Under the panel 'Your Skills and Career Profile', you will see a section called 'Your Skills Focus'.

3. Use the drop-down to select the skill that you would like to add to your Skill Focus list. 

4. Click 'Add Skill'. This skill has now been added to your list. You can add as many skills as needed.

5. To remove a skill from the list, click on the bin icon next to the skill you would like to remove. You will be asked whether you are sure you'd like to remove the skill. 

6. To check whether your Skills Focus list has been updated, click into your 'My Skills' module. You will be able to see your updated Skills Focus list on the top left of the page. 

Any employer engagement and enrichment activities that you add/have added to Navigate that focus on any of the skills from your list will be counted as seen below.