1. Once you've logged in, click into 'My Timeline'.

2. Click on 'Add an Activity'. This is located on the top of your timeline.

3. You will now see a blank form where you can add the activity details.

4. Select the day the activity took place

5. Fill in how much time you spent participating. 

6. Fill in the activity name.

7. Select the activity type and description.

8. Fill in the activity location.

9. You can use the thumbs up/thumbs down to provide feedback about whether you found the activity useful.

10. In the textbox provided, add a description of what happened during the activity and how it helped to develop your skills. 

11. Select the skills that you think you developed from participating in the activity. 

12. You can choose to upload any supporting photos or videos by clicking on browse.


13. Once completed, scroll back to the top of the form and press the save icon

14. This activity is now added to your timeline. You can view and edit the activity from 'My Timeline'.