1. The skills assessment on Navigate helps you to identify your skill strengths and areas of improvement. Once you’ve completed your initial skills assessment, you can view your results from your ‘My Skills’ module

2. You will see 19 skills, split across 3 key themes.  

3. The first theme is My Well-being. These skills reflect your emotional, physical, and financial health. 

 Being Independent 

-  Confidence

-  Financial Skills 

-  Managing Stress

-  Physical Health

-  Resilience

4. The second theme is My Relationships. These are skills needed for you to be able to successfully form productive relationships and work well in a team. 

-  Building Relationships

-  Collaboration 

-  Communication 

-  Community and Social Action 

-  Leadership

-  Online Relationships

5. The third theme is My Future. These are skills you need to move out into the workplace and be successful in your career. 

-  Career Skills 

-  Creativity 

-  Critical Thinking

-  Customer Service 

-  Digital Skills 

-  Enterprising

-  Time-management

6. Every skill is rated, with red being an opportunity to improve, amber is good, and green is on target.  

7. With these results, you can see which skills you are scoring high on, and which skills you can develop further by participating in activities during college that target those skills.