1. Once you've logged in, click into the 'My Targets' Module.

2. Along the top half of the page, you will see your 'Current targets'. At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of your 'Completed targets'.

3. In the 'Current Targets' section, select the target you would like to edit by clicking on 'View Target'.

4. You will now see a description of the target, including: 

- The target name

- The target completion date 

- The target type

- The member of staff that set the target up for you

- The target description.

5. To complete a target, you must either (1) link an existing activity to the target or (2) add a new activity against the target. These should be activities that you think have helped you to progress towards fulfilling the target.

6. To link an activity, click on 'Link an Existing Activity'

7. You will now see a pop-up of your timeline. Click on 'Add this Activity' to add the activity from your timeline against the target. 

8. Once you've selected all the activities from your timeline to add to the target, click on the save icon on the top of the timeline.

9. The selected activities should now appear under 'Associated Activities' in your 'My Targets' page.

10. To add a completely new activity, click on 'Add a New Activity'.

11. You will now see a pop-up of a blank activity form where you can add the activity details. 
To find out how to add an activity, click here.


12. Once you feel like you have completed the target, you can submit it for approval. To do this, click on 'Mark as Complete'. The button will now show 'Target awaiting approval'.