1. Click into the 'Students' module

2. Click 'See All'. This will take you to the 'Students' module grid view. 

3. Use the filters to select the correct group of students. Once filtered, the students will appear in the grid below.

4. Click the 'tick box' in the top left-hand corner of the grid. This will select all the students in the grid and allow you to add a target against them. 

5. If there are students that you would not like to add the target against, simply deselect them. 

6. Click on 'Actions' and select 'Add Target' 

7. You will now be asked to fill out details of the target. 

8. Fill in the target name 

9. Select a due date for when you would like the students to have completed the target by. 

10. Select the target type

11. Select the staff member responsible for the target

12. Add a description of the target

13. Once completed, click 'update'. The target is now added against all the selected students. They can view and complete the target from their 'My Targets' module.