1. Once you've logged in, click into the 'Placements' module.

2. Click on the 'Add Placement' button on the top right-hand corner of the page. This will take you to an empty placement form.

3. Under Student Details: type the first few letters of the student's name and select the correct student from the drop-down menu. In the 'student notes' box, you can also add notes about the student that you think the employer should be aware of.

4. Under Employer Details: type the first few letters of the organisation and select the correct organisation from the drop-down menu. The address and compliance status of the organisation selected will be auto-filled.

5. Under Employer Work Placement Manager Details: select the correct contact from the drop-down menu. 

         To find out more about adding contacts against employers, visit 'How to: create an employer record.'


6. In this section, you can also decide whether you would like the employer to receive emails from Navigate to (1) confirm the placement, (2) track attendance, and (3) gather feedback. 

         To find out more, visit 'Understanding: email communication with employers'

7. Under Placement Details: Choose the work experience co-ordinator from the drop-down menu. Fill in the planned hours, dress code, and placement description and objectives. Choose the placement hours and select the placement days from the calendar. 

        Note: A summary of the placement days selected is generated below.


8. Once completed, scroll to the top of the page and press 'Save'. The placement is now added against the student.

If you require further support please click 'New Support Ticket' to get in touch with us.